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The legacy of Le Corbusier I – Cité Frugès, by Giaime Meloni

Acanthus is pleased to highlight a series of architectural photographs by our contributor Giaime Meloni. He holds a doctorate in architecture, his texts and photographic works are issued in various publications and magazines.
The Quartiers Modernes Frugès (1920-26) is an experimental social housing project and one of the earliest built works by Le Corbusier. Situated in Pessac in the outskirts of Bordeaux it consists of around 70 units. In its pristine forms it summarizes everything which will later be formed in the term International Style and stupendously influence architecture in the 20th century. Nowadays, in its partly state of decay it also strangely reflects about the history of Modernity. The work of Le Corbusier is named UNESCO World Heritage yesterday, July 17, 2016.

acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_01acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_02

The legacy of Le Corbusier
Chapter I – Cité Frugès

The impact the work of Le Corbusier has left on the evolution of architectural discourse is indisputable. The confrontation with his work is part of the (continuous) formation of an architect. A sunny morning in May I spent a few hours in Pessac. While walking in Rue Le Corbusier I wondered what was the meaning of re-photographing his work?
I could not resist the temptation. By photographing I tried to establish a visual relationship between the shapes of the buildings and my gaze. At that moment what I had in front of me was no longer the Cité Frugès by Le Corbusier but just volumes and colors composing this place.
– Giaime Meloni

acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_03 acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_04 acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_05 acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_06acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_07 acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_08 acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_09 acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_10 acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_11 acanthus_GM_2016_05_Pessac_Cite Fruges_12
Text and image credits: Giaime Meloni

Our contributor Giaime Meloni (*1984) lives and works between two islands: Île-de-France and Sardinia. At Acanthus he also published SERVABO, his personal view of Cagliari.

More about Giaime Meloni
Instagram: @giaimemeloni


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