Subtle & delicate: Anna Ławska Jewellry

In her creations, jewellery designer Anna Ławska, merges past, present and future, romantic visions with private reality, streamlined modernity with a pinch of nineties nostalgia. The resulting look is strong and subtle at the same time and never succumbed to trends.


The designer encourages her audience to search for their own, individual style, offering tailor-made solutions that combine a delicate femininity with raw-edged, geometric forms, filtered through the lens of her own smart sensibility that sees jewellery as the ultimate tool of self-expression. An independent brand growing its presence since 2011, Anna Ławska builds her business slowly but steadily, focusing on a few carefully curated capsule collections every season.



Anna Ławska delivers minimalist-minded jewellery that that may look simple, but speaks volumes. Catering to women and men likewise.



In her new collection Closeness designer Anna Ławska proves that beauty begins with being true to oneself. A personal exploration through self-expression. The collection silently reflects on the topics of intimacy and affection, sweet and nostalgic and the same time, contemplating those treasured moments of connection and tenderness that so often go unnoticed and that are in fact at the core of our existence.



Designed and executed in 14K gold and available also in real 925 sterling silver, the collection is made entirely by hand and is characterised by hand-cut circles and spheres, a recurring motif that appears in different variations on rings, earrings and bracelets, as well as hairpieces and brooches – the signature style beloved by the designer.


annalawska_jewellery_minimal6Image credits Closeness collection: Katarzyna Tur

Anna Ławska’s previous collection Feelings:

Image credits Feelings collection: Anna Ławska

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