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Pink City: Toulouse by Morgane Bigault

Morgane Bigault takes us on a stroll through the streets of Toulouse. Her photographs capture a classical, seemingly timeless city: Volumes and forms are created by light and shadow.

Pink City is a photo series which transports the viewer in quiet yet strong architectural lines and light in the French city of Toulouse. Colours, shapes and tradition coordinate to create a structured urban landscape where the pink, blue and green interconnect perfectly. From street corners to public gardens, the eye is constantly left with an impression of order and style.

Images and Text by Morgane Bigault

Morgane Bigault is a camera operator and editorial photographer based in Bristol, U.K. With a background in History and Media, she captures footage on set but also on the road. Her visual flair is a constant journey across city borders and wild lands. She composes her photography with a calm environment, taken from a horizon perspective. Her vision creates a view of the world without human presence which lets the viewer get a sense of infinity and quietness, a source of exploration.


For more check out Morgane Bigaults website and Instagram.