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People: One day in Antwerp with Thibault de Schepper

Acanthus is always looking forward to come together with inspiring people. So we are more than happy we got the chance to ask multitalented Thibault de Schepper a few questions about his special sense of style and his favorite places in Antwerp. Find here everything you need for your next trip to the fashion-capital of Belgium.



– who are you?
Thibault De Schepper, Born in Belgium, raised in the French speaking part of the country, menswear aficionado, photographer by passion, musician by choice & drawer by interest. 🙂

– how old?
Just turned 29, Ouch

– what’s your occupation?
For a living, I run a menswear store in Antwerp from a Local brand, called Essentiel Antwerp.


For how long do you live in Antwerp and why this city in particular?
I work in Antwerp for a couple years now, and moved there 2 years ago. Willing to pursue a career in »fashion« industry, Antwerp is the best choice in Belgium. It’s multicultural, lot of venues, art galleries, good restaurants, and the vibe in the city always got me, somehow.


Describe your taste in interior design in a few words.
When it comes to interior, I am rather a minimalist.  Love the Iconic designs of Eames, Wegner, Aalto, etc. – mixed with authentic objects. I like everything organized, as bright as possible, and to stick to what’s needed. I also like to make stuff, like my Headboard, inspired by a store in LA, Formerly Yes.


Your latest fashion brand finding?
I was contacted a couple weeks ago by Asket, a swedish brand. I really like their philosophy, the focus on authenticity and the way they do almost everything. It’s organized, it works.  We now have a partnership going on, I get stuff from them to wear and in return we discuss fittings, sizes, fabrics, it’s a pretty cool relationship. None the less, their garments are amazing, the pricing is super fair & the spirit behind the brand is authentic.  They have sizing system with 12 sizes, S, M, L & XL, and 3 lengths per size : short, medium & Long, Which is perfect for me, since I have a long body, and am rather tiny. 🙂


What are your few favorite essentials at home which you can’t live without?
My art books, my guitars, especially my Fender Jazzmaster, a couple books & my records.


What’s your relation to the kitchen? – Do you like to cook?
I always wanted a big kitchen, with a lot of room to cook. I never was a chef, still not, but improving. I like cooking, when I have visitors, when it’s just me, a wok pan with noodles, some veggies and chicken will do.


Where is your favorite spot if you are at home?
My favorite place home is the first floor, which is basically the living area. All my favorite stuff is there: my furniture, my records, guitars, books etc.


How does a typical sunday looks like when you’re in Antwerp?
That depends on the weather. When the weather is good, I usually stay in and enjoy my rooftop terrace, all day long, not moving. I like to play some jazzy tunes there with hot coffee. When I get bored of staying in, I rather visit the south area of the city, around Kloosterstraat, where you have all the antique shops, some concept stores, coffee places, etc. Sometimes I head over to a park with a book, or a bottle of wine.


Your latest book on the night shelve?
Recently started The Insanity Defense by Woody Allen.  I am a big fan of his early movies, and the book is just hilarious. Don’t take it too seriously though, and don’t read it in one thread, it’s all short stories, 1 or 2 at a time will do. 🙂

Favorite place or city you want to travel next?
I always had something for Paris. Used to stay there for a really long period, have some great people over there I can’t wait to see again. Besides that, another cliché, NYC is still one of my fave cities to visit. The next trip will be to Ibiza, and after that I’d like to travel to Marrakesh, it looks like a dream there.

Name us 3 instagram accounts we should check out!
VanityVintage, we pretty much have the same taste when it comes to interior, we happened to be neighbors when I first moved to Antwerp.  I guess I can call him a friend now.
Kirstynkonig, great sense of style, perfect taste.
Phytplants: owned by Sofie, selling air plants. Cool vibes there.

…and last but not least – your Antwerp favorites:

Your favorite restaurant?
I can’t only name one, Antwerp is full of the best places to eat.  If you are looking for a brasserie, you should check out Bourla. Other places I went or want to go soon are Le John, Graanmarkt 13, Sofie’s Place, De Arme Duivel, Ottavio & Ferrier 13.

A new café we have to check out in Antwerp?
There’s this very perfect new place called St Vincents. It’s amazing, they have the best coffee in town – straight from The Barn in Berlin 😉 – a great selection of clothing, stationery and all around stuff to make your life even cooler.


Best shopping place for the seasons garment?
Depends on what you are looking for. I am not that a shopper, I work in retail myself, I tend to avoid stores when I have time off. But if you insist, you guys got to pay me a visit at the Essentiel Men store! There’s a store in Nationalstraat called Howlin by Morrison, they have a great selection too, and their brand is really cool.

This special place you love about your city?
I really like the Park Spoor Noord, it’s a no nonsense place in Antwerp, and as the name says, it’s a park and it’s located in the north part of the city. It’s huge and always crowded.  People are just happy to have a place to hang out there, the vibe is really nice there.
Besides that, I like the whole city, Antwerp is small, you can bike from one side to the other in 20 minutes. Everything is close.


Thilbault, thank you so much for your insights!

Check out @Tibods on Instagram for more.

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