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BateauMagne Atelier in Paris

Acanthus was invited by the two upcoming designers Audrey Magne and Julien Bateau of BateauMagne to meet in their cozy atelier in Paris – a tiny space which synthesises their practice as interior and furniture designers.

BateauMagne_interior_workspace_parisbateaumagne_paris_interior_workspaceBateauMagne_interior_workspace_paris BateauMagne_interior_workspace_paris

It was love at first sight, when Audrey and Julien discovered their small atelier. The peace in this Parisian backyard and the charming environment have done much to encourage their choice. The limited space (fairly 12 square meter) was thought out within minutes: lacquered black panels would cover the walls, hiding big storage units for the architects samples, as well as the pocket kitchen and its black Marquina marble sink designed by Audrey.

bateaumagne_paris_interior_workspace3 BateauMagne_interior_workspace_parisbateaumagne_paris_interior_workspace2

The printed glass walls were designed to let the sunshine in, and to prevent the movement outside from disturbing the team in its creating process.

Terrazzo tiles with a labyrinthine pattern evoke Italian floors from another century, and seem to have always been there. Polished brass plugs were placed directly on the floor. The ceiling was left raw but is enlightened by a Gaetano Sciolari chandelier. Centered in the room, the only piece of furniture was sketched out by the two partners: a table with a reversible plateau, black lacquered on one side and golden on the other, circled in walnut. It is surrounded by vintage teak chairs upholstered with almond green velvet.

BateauMagne_interior_workspace_parisbateaumagne_paris_interior_workspace4BateauMagne_interior_workspace_paris Portrait (c) BateauMagne; all other images by Giaime Meloni

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