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Acanthus x urbanbacklog: Jack Colker Union 76 gas station

The third and presently last part of our collaboration with urbanbacklog shows us one of the coolest gas stations ever built. Noel Gallager used it as an album cover and legend has it that Tony Hawk once skated on the building’s sloping roof. The Jack Colker Union 76 in Los Angeles was designed by Gin Wong – a former colleague of William Pereira – in the ’60s and is recently nominated for landmark status.


Googie architecture is a form of modern architecture influenced by the car culture in California. Jack Colker Union 76 gas station is one of the best surviving examples of googie architecture, by coincidence. The building was originally meant to be a part of the LAX airport, but then it wasn’t needed and turned into this gas station.

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Text and image credits: Yagmur Rüzgar / urbanbacklog

This article is part of our collaboration with urbanbacklog. Acanthus highlights a selection of architectural photo series by urbanbacklog in the feature section.

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