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Acanthus Feature: Sun-bleached shores of Menorca by Carla Cuenca Cortés

Acanthus is pleased to feature the work of Carla Cuenca Cortés. Carla works as a journalist and photographer in Barcelona and is founder of the mediterranean clothing line Eres Arte. For Acanthus she presents her favorite places of the Balearic Island Menorca.


My last trip was to Menorca. Greenish blue sea, white architecture and many hours of nature and road trips. It’s good to know that the sea is present wherever you go. The color of the water is amazing and the island has a very magical light.
We drove around the entire island to take pictures of different places. But I’m in love with three spots and its’ combination of white architecture and wild nature.

acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_12 acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_Cala Morell_4

Cala Morell

It’s located northwest of the island. There are more spectacular places on the island like Macarella, but this seaside is like a private paradise. It’s a perfect place to have quiet sunbathing during the day.

acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_Fornells acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_04 acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_03

A town called Fornells

It’s a very familiar village in the north. You feel at home. I ate the best paella on the island. It’s the best place to watch the sunset for me. The light is magical. Time seems to pass more slowly and it’s ideal for drinking a beer before going to dinner.

acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_05 acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_Binibequer_8 acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_06 acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_Binibequer_11

The town Binibequer

It looks like a miniature village in the south. Everything is white. The architecture is perfect. It’s the top of romanticism. A perfect place to take pictures if your passion is like mine.

acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_08acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_01 acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_02acanthus_cuencacortes_menorca_13

About Carla Cuenca Cortés

I’ve spent my whole life near the sea. Life is lighter when you’re near the coast. So in my travels I try to see the water. I feel a great weakness for the textures of nature and linear figures. For that reason, I like to photograph flora and minimalist architecture.
Like my personality I want to take pictures that inspire transparency, clarity and cleanliness. I’m picky and perfectionist. I’m seeking sensitivity and try to express through my images. It’s important to stop time with every shot and capture a unique light. I love the white above all things and therefore everyone identifies a special light in my photographs. At the end we are a cluster of experiences that shape our essence and I like to think that mine is pure as that color. I’m seeking harmony too: the balance between the wild and the subtlety of elegance.

Website: cargocollective.com/carlacuencacortes
Instagram: @carlacuencacortes