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Acanthus Feature: SERVABO by Giaime Meloni

Acanthus is pleased to highlight SERVABO, the new photographic series by Giaime Meloni: His personal perspective of the city of Cagliari in Sardinia.
Meloni (*1984) holds a doctorate in architecture, his texts and photographic works are issued in various publications and magazines. He lives and works between two islands: Île-de-France and Sardinia.


SERVABO (inspired by Luigi Pintor)

Cagliari is a harbor in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Some people leave and some people come. I participate in this flux constantly. But when I come back I always have a strange sensation combining nostalgic and melancholic emotions with a new visual curiosity. I’m feeling home but something always changes, Cagliari and me are not the same. Then through the photos I try to reestablish a relationship that mixes memories with the present.
These images have the task to reorganize my fantasy, because there is something related to reality.


More about Giaime Meloni
Instagram: @giaimemeloni

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