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Acanthus Feature: Patagonia by Jim Johnston

Award winning photographer Jim Johnston takes us on a journey through the vast landscapes of Patagonia. From the peaks of the Andes mountain ranges to the isolated settlement El Chaltén in the valley to the Perito Moreno glacier carrying masses of ice into the Lago Argentino.

I was awestruck by the wild remote landscapes and extreme weather of Patagonia. The Voyage of the Beagle by Charles Darwin from the 1830’s inspired me during my trip. The book is a travel memoir as well as a scientific journal and contains notes on Darwins observations and ideas. I was especially fascinated by one passage from the book:

»The plains of Patagonia are boundless, for they are scarcely passable, and hence unknown; they bear the stamp of having lasted, as they are now, for ages, and there appears to be no limit to their duration during future time.« – Charles Darwin

Darwin is saying the landscape is so wild and remote that the mountains have remained unchanged and it appears that it will stay this way in the future. I have to agree with him. It is a special place where you constantly feel like the first person to be standing in that spot. My family is Scottish and I am used to bad weather but Patagonia is wild! Extreme wind, snow, rain, sun, all in 10 mins.

All images copyright by Jim Johnston

About Jim Johnston:

Inspired by people, travel, innovative technology and the environment, his work is about telling insightful stories and enhancing a message through creative imagery. Based in the UK he has recently worked with Sidetracked Magazine, Jungles In Paris, XL Semenal, Linda and Der Spiegel.

More about Jim on jimjohnston.co.uk and Instagram.