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Acanthus Feature: Marble District by Francesco Luciani

Francesco Luciani captured the breathtaking scenery of the marble quarries in Puglia, Southern Italy. His photo series Marble District records the alteration of the landscape as a result of the exploitation of mining sites. The observation is focused on abandoned areas which reveal the evidences that human left behind him and on the mystical settings as result of his activities and the nature return.


Marble District is a photographic project developed in the mining area located between the villages of Apricena and Poggio Imperiale, on the north of regione Puglia, Italy. The work – still in progress – gives a photographic account of human intervention on the territory. This slow observation focuses on the transformation of the landscape, beginning with the initial creation of the mining sites and then subsequent abandonment of the area after the marble’s fields were drained. As a result, the district is facing a particular process of change as the natural landscape cohabits with, but ultimately alters, the industrial site. These spaces have been irrevocably shaped by humans and their traces remain everywhere. Left behind are the evidences of the exploitation of resources but also a possible healing found in their abandonment, as the nature begins to re-mold the spaces into new creations of haunting beauty combining the industrial and the natural.

The project was realized through a large format camera in order to highlight the panoramic views and the details of the rock formation.


About Francesco Luciani

Francesco Luciani is an architecture and landscape photographer based in Paris.
He developed a strong passion for the observation of urban field and the study of the territory. He drives his researches through the anomalies of anthropic landscapes.

Instagram: @francescoluciani_photography