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Acanthus Feature: Faroe Islands by Ramble Roads

Izabela Jackowska captured the breathtaking sceneries of the Faroe Islands. Located halfway between Iceland and Scotland in the North Atlantic Ocean it is an idyllic escape for travelers looking for a unique and inimitable destination at the edge of the world. Peacefully set among lush green valleys, impressive basalt cliffs, treeless moorlands and waterfalls plunging directly into the rough ocean. The archipelago is composed by 18 islands of volcanic origin.


The main inspiration was a book published by Polish non-fiction writer Maciej Wasielewski – 81:1 Opowieści z Wysp Owczych (engl.: 81:1 Tales from the Faroe Islands). When I read it I just wanted go there immediately.

Faroe Islands are unknown (or unpopular) in Poland and Europe – nowadays most people choose Iceland and Norway to see the „real” Scandinavia. Faroes have many things to offer – from bizarre food, charming houses to breathtaking views. The thing I liked most was omnipresent calmness, picturesque landscapes and lack of tourists. I was walking trough green hills surrounded by a herd of sheep and soft grass. Kind people, unpredictable weather, small peaks, and more green than I’ve ever seen – that is how I remember Faroes.


Ramble Roads stems from the need to prove that you can travel in a different way and do not need the fortune to get along to beautiful places. Those forgotten areas are more often closer to us than we expect. What you need to do is simply leave your house and hit the road just outside of towns and cities.

Here, you will find useful addresses and information being collected during numerous trails and visiting places that are far from typical holiday attractions. If you are closer to raw nature rather than the crowded beaches – you are at the right address. Website available in Polish language, but I will develop an English version soon.

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