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Acanthus Feature: Autumn Orange, by Alexandra Mitsiou

Here comes the second part of Alexandra Mitsious colorful 3 course menu. Food stylist Alexandra created a delicious special for Acanthus: The main course Autumn Orange is inspired by Indian flavors and arranged with seasonal ingredients.


Ingredients (for 2 servings)

1 butternut squash
250g chickpeas (cooked in salty water)
2 tsp Curry mix powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper powder
1 tbsp linseeds
1/2 yellow carrot
2 twigs rosemary
4 tbsp olive oil
Salt & pepper
8 Hazelnuts



Cut the yellow carrot in thin slices and deep-fry for a couple of minutes. Depending on your frying device and the thickness of your slices the cooking time varies. However, you can control the cooking time by observing the behavior of the oil. When the oil bubbling stops, that means all the humidity from the carrot is evaporated, then the chips are ready! Place the chips carefully on absorbing kitchen paper and set aside.

Preheat the oven at 180°C. Clean & peel the butternut squash. Cut out 6 equally thick rounds, sprinkle them with some olive oil & salt, add the rosemary twigs on top & bake for at least 20-25 min and until the butternut squash rounds are soft.

In a mixing bowl, combine the chickpeas with the spices (curry, turmeric & cayenne pepper), olive oil & a pinch of salt. Let it marinate for at least half hour and then stir-fry the mix for a couple of minutes, until the chickpeas are well mixed and cooked in the curry marinate.

Remove the chickpeas from fire, add the linseeds and mix well.

Serve warm with some crushed oven roasted hazelnuts on top & pure olive oil drops.

TIP for the veggie chips: if you don’t have a deep fryer at home, this is not a problem! Just use a pan (not your favorite one), fill it with oil (at least 3-5 cm deep) & use it to fry your veggie chips!


autumn-orange-4_am-2016Recipe and images: Alexandra Mitsiou

Autumn Orange is the main dish of a colorful 3 course menu Alexandra created for Acanthus. Find the appetizer from last week here. For dessert, check out Acanthus next week!

Alexandra Mitsiou is a food stylist & scenographer creating concepts & stories around food. She is focusing on an elegant & minimalistic style with the use of natural & sustainable materials to reveal the importance & substance of pure food.

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